Chaos online mmorpg

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Chaos online mmorpg

Mensagem  cjmiles em Ter Maio 05, 2015 1:11 pm

"Chaos" is the first multi-hero, 3D ARPG web game which is based on western myth. It tells a story that when the God disappears, a battle starts between the Admodian and the Protoss. The Protoss was getting weaker after the battle. On the contrary, human beings rose up and began to fight against the Admodian. All await for the return of the God. The player is the main character of the game as a solider of the empire, meanwhile, the player has the gene of both the Asmodian and the Protoss. In the game, the player will join to settle the riots of the Air Battle, kill ferocious beast, and challenge the dragon who tries to attack the empire. In the game, player will be able to explore Space Battle, challenge elite instance, escort the airship, and join the events like Arena, Camp Battle, Wild Area Hunting, and Guild War.

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